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There’s a Secret Text Adventure Game Hidden in Google Search

There’s a Secret Text Adventure Game Hidden in Google Search

f you have a little time to kill and you’re a fan of old, old school gaming, there’s a secret text adventure game easily accessible through Google’s browser.

If you’re looking for a quick game to play that you can access without causing your employers to have a meeting to “discuss your attitude,” then Google has something for you.

Google loves to add little Easter eggs and hidden tricks to its browser. From its ever-changing doodles to the dinosaur game you can play when the WiFi is out, Google makes sure there are plenty of reasons for you never to leave its browser. And it goes beyond the obvious stuff – there are plenty of hidden Easter eggs that make you work a little more to discover.

One of those hidden Easter eggs comes in the form of an old-school text adventure, where players need to imagine the game as they type in commands like “go north,” and then get frustrated when “go” is not recognized, kicking off 15 minutes of synonym searches before you realize you could just type “north” or just bring up the list of commands.

The game can be accessed by going to a Google browser and typing “text adventure.” That will bring up several text-based games, along with plenty of search results. From there, hit Ctrl+Shift+J on a PC or Cmd+Option+J on a Mac, and it will open the developer console. From there, you’ll see a question that reads “Would you like to play a game? (yes/no).” Type no and you’ll get a snarky reply, but type yes and it will start a text-based game.

The game tasks you with reuniting the letter G with the red “O,” yellow “O,” blue “G,” green “L,” and red “E.” There are only 14 commands available, but it will still take about 30 minutes – not bad for a free game hidden inside a browser.

Easter eggs are a growing cottage industry and some properties spend huge efforts to include plenty in their works. This one should help make the day go by a little faster. Check it out.



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