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Screaming ghost destroys hotel room like a rockstar, then runs away

A video from 2003 supposedly shows a ghost destroys a hotel room in Illinois. Following reports of screaming, a guard enters the room, as something leaves it.

I must have spent two hours looking up rebuttals of this video – and there are plenty. Several people claim this vid is fake because of the audio, or because of the guy that posted it. Others say the cameras are too conveniently placed, some pick on the guard drawing his flashlight early.

And yet no one can definitively say that this isn’t real.

Yes, you can pick it apart, and yes, there are a few things in it that are questionable, but it is still a remarkable video that shows something very weird.

The video begins with reports of a woman’s screams coming from a vacant hotel room. When a security guard goes to check things out, he reports some strange occurrences in the room. The weirdest thing though is what happens in the hallway after the guard goes in.

The clip below was reportedly filmed on September 14, 2003, although it wasn’t posted until 2012. One of the criticisms of this video is that the person that posted it also ran a Kickstarter campaign to fund a horror movie.

Cynics can point to this as proof that the video is another example of their work. Believers, however, can dismiss that criticism as a nothing more than proof that the guy that posted the video likes spooky clips.

But enough of that. Like all paranormal videos, you can pick this one apart if you want. But where’s the fun in that?

The video below is said to be from Wingate Hotel in Illinois. A quick Google shows that there are actually a few of those. The poster stated that they couldn’t go into more detail because “[d]ue to legal matters, I am not allowed to say any more information regarding the exact location of this hotel. Please stop asking. Thank you!”

Some might see that as further evidence the video is fake, but it actually makes sense. If a hotel did have an issue with a room – even if it were just an issue with someone destroying a room, rockstar-like – it wouldn’t want the bad press. It happens all the time.

So the video itself is fairly self explanatory. The real kick to the balls is at the 1:37 mark.

You can easily fake the ghost and the source of the noises is suspect to begin with. You don’t see the interior of the room either. The light flickering though…

Sure, you could fake that, but it would take effort. And say what you will about the video, it looks like a genuine hotel. Messing with the electrics for one specific light would be tougher than it may seem.

So anyway, check it out. We’ll continue posting these clips for a while, and if you have one you want us to feature, drop us a note in the comments.



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