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Chinese cop has a feeling, saves motorists from sinkhole

saves motorists from sinkhole

Sinkholes are kind of like the assholes that inevitably show up at parties and ruin them. They come uninvited, no one likes them, and they leave a huge mess. If sinkholes found a way to ruin your carpets, the comparison would be complete.

While sinkholes are a terrifying issue in all situations, part of what makes them truly frightening is that they are completely unpredictable. You can be walking along in a subway station and a sinkhole can suddenly open up and eat you, or they can open in the middle of a sidewalk and really cause some damage.

The most shocking are the sinkholes that open in the middle of a busy street. They strike without warning, and the damage is compounded by the cars that crash down into it. That almost happened in Hangzhou, China, but a quick-on-his-feet cop had a feeling and acted quickly to avoid a catastrophe.

Hangzhou, located in the Zhejiang Province in northern China is a massive city with a metro population of over 21 million. Naturally for a city of that size, traffic sucks. Traffic in China is always bad, due in part tot he fact that automotive travel has exploded in the country, far faster than urban planning can keep up, this was also a major intersection. When a crack appeared in the road, the cop suspected something was going on, so much to the annoyance of the drivers, he began to divert traffic.

That earned him more than a few angry honks and probably a curse or two, but minutes later the street simply disappeared. The whole thing was caught on tape, and it is so weird to watch. One minute the street is there, the next it is gone – and you can watch it in real time.

The sinkhole ended up being around 6 feet deep. If a car had driven over it as it was collapsing, it would have been a much different story; given the traffic, several cars would have likely gone in.

There’s also a chance that the sinkhole could still expand. Another sinkhole in Dongguan, China last year began as a single hole large enough to swallow a car, but soon became a 3,000 square foot disaster that swallowed part of a major street.

Sinkholes don’t play. They are, however, fascinating to watch form, as you can do below.



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