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Resident Evil TV show on the way

A new Resident Evil TV series is in the works from the production house responsible for the films, according to Variety. The TV version of the game/film series will hit the small screen sometime after the release of the next film, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, which is due out in 2016.

The TV show will be produced by the German production and distribution company, Constantin Film AG. Constantin has so far focused on feature films – including the Resident Evil series –  but the company is preparing to diversify into television, according to Constantin chairman Martin Moszkowicz.

“We are increasing our TV activities substantially both in Germany and internationally,” he said before adding that the focus would be on fiction.

Constantin is already involved with television, but the goal will to increase its presence using properties it currently owns the rights to. Part of this shift will include a small screen adaptation of the book series, The Mortal Instruments. Constantin brought the series to the big screen in 2013 with The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. The film was met with a poor critical reception and did not produce the film series Constantin was likely hoping for, but according to Moszkowicz, the movie did turn a profit.

It’s not clear exactly how the Resident Evil TV show will fit with the film series, but it will likely be a reboot for the live action version of the property. Besides the fact that the upcoming film is subtitled The Final Chapter – which seems fairly, well, final – basing the TV show on the films would severely limit the story potential. The six films cover a lot of the franchise lore and then some, and have a fairly in depth and sprawling story of their own. No word yet on who the showrunner(s) will be.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter won’t hit theaters until 2016, so it seems likely that the TV show wont air until 2016 or ’17 at the earliest.



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