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Rejoice, Justice League is returning to TV! Maybe!

In somewhat confusing news, the Cartoon Network seemingly confirmed that it is developing a new animated Justice League series, and it will debut at some point in the fall of 2016.

Shortly after, the Cartoon Network announced that it cannot confirm that a Justice League series is in development.

Yeah, it’s complicated.

The initial news was reported by World’s Finest Online. It didn’t cite anonymous sources or anything – it captured a Facebook reply from Cartoon Network Canada to a fan, which stated “We will be premiering a new Justice League series, but not likely until next fall.”

Seems clear enough, right? Well…

After the news began to make the rounds, Polygon reached out to Cartoon Network for more details. This was the response they received:

“We cannot confirm that a new Justice League series is in development.” Another Cartoon Network spokesperson then added “Cartoon Network U.S. makes those announcements, not Cartoon Network Canada.”

So what does that mean? Probably that Cartoon Network was preparing a major announcement, probably at New York Comic Con, and the Canadian branch didn’t get the memo not to talk about it.

You could make the cynical argument that the original site made it all up. The Facebook comment in question is nowhere to be found, and that could mean it never existed (or more likely it was removed).

If it is all made up, it’s odd that the Cartoon Network would throw the Canadian branch under the bus. Sure, it could just be letting people know that any announcements wouldn’t come from anywhere by the main Cartoon Network social feeds, but most people won’t make that distinction or care. Cartoon Network is Cartoon Network. Calling out the Canadian branch is just weird.

World’s Finest went on to propose a possible name for the new series – Justice League Action. Hopefully the report is correct, since the original Justice League series and its follow up, Justice League Unlimited, were both awesome.

Maybe we’ll learn more at NYCC. We’ll update the article if and when more news breaks.



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