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Mercedes’ disturbing, real life Mario, Peach, and Luigi will mess you up, man

real life mario
Mercedes of Japan knows just how popular Nintendo’s Mario can be, but the German automaker’s interpretation of the real life Mario is one step on the side of nightmare. Its take on Peach and Luigi is a bit hardcore too.

Originally captured by Uproxx, the three videos below highlight the partnership between Mercedes and Nintendo of Japan. For Nintendo’s part, it made real life automobiles digital, by including a handful of Mercedes cars for Mario Kart 8. Mercedes, for its part, did the exact opposite with bizarre results.

Mercedes of Japan has released a trio of ads highlighting the Mercedes-Benz GLA with their possibly prison-bound Mario. In the first, we see the debut of the real life Mario, which first appeared back in May 2014. And he will mess you up. Check it out below.

Mercedes is back, and this time it brought two more well-known Super Mario characters. First up is Peach, who looks like she will cut you.

And not to be left out, the final commercial introduces us to a pop-and-lock droppin’ Luigi, who is apparently a big Three Stooges fan. Check it out and watch as Mario laughs at his brother’s pain. This new Mario is kind of hardcore, yo.



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