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A guy tested a real Captain America shield and surprisngly no one died

A guy makes a real Captain America shield and no one died

In the Marvel films (and the comics), Captain America’s shield is made from a material called Vibranium. The metal is incredibly rare, but it’s worth every penny. It can deflect bullets, take down helicopters, and stop one of the most powerful hammer strikes from a thunder god.

In real life, there is no vibranium, but that didn’t stop a guy from trying to create a real-life version of Captain America’s shield. It probably can’t stop a hit from Mjolnir, but since there is no Mjonir, that point is somewhat moot.

The clip was created by a professional shooter named Jerry Miculek. He and his cohorts created the shield from titanium, making sure to keep it as close to the real shield’s dimensions as possible. It even weighs the same as the real shield at 12 lbs.

Miculek is pretty easy to spot in the video below – he’s the guy wearing the Captain America cosplay outfit. To prove the legitimacy of the shield, he fired off several shots from a .45 in quick succession. The grouping is solid, and the shield holds. It is a little worse for wear as the bullets leave slight dents, but it would have kept the wielder safe.

After the first video, Miculel decided to try out the shield’s secondary function as a projectile weapon. Keep reading after the jump.

Shots fired

For the second clip, Miculek stands close to a ballistic dummy and throws the shield at it to see what kind of damage it would cause.

It’s a little disturbing how excited he gets about the damage the shield would cause a body, but then again, if your work revolves around weapons a real-life shield inspired by a legendary comic book character is probably the bee’s knees.

So basically, the testing shows that if you have a super soldier that can bench press 1,000 lbs or so, and you give them a shield made out of an indestructible metal, they could wreck stuff.

Check out the videos and look for Captain America: Civil War in theaters on May 6.




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