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Post Malone May be Cursed, Thanks to a Haunted Box with a Long History

Post Malone May be Cursed, Thanks to a Cursed Box with a Long History

Following a string of horrific incidents, it looks like Post Malone may be cursed thanks to an encounter with Ghost Adventures’ Zak Bagans.

Over the past few months, Post Malone has had a rough go of it. Over the course of just a few months, the musician has been in a near plane crash, walked away from a serious car accident, and was targeted by a home invasion. It’s almost like he’s cursed.

And if you ask Ghost Adventures’ Zak Bagans, that might be exactly the case.

Bagans and Malone are friends, or at least friendly enough to hang out together now and then. Malone was even a guest on the show Ghost Adventures, and he seems to have an interest in the paranormal. So it probably wasn’t a tough decision to accept an invite to hang out and get a private look around at Bagans’s occult museum in Vegas back in June.

After a few beers, the two were checking out an object known as a “Dybbuk Box,” which is believed to contain a malicious spirit known as a dybbuk – the word “dybbuk” is Yiddish in origin, and refers to an ancient spirit of the same name that is believed to be the soul of a long-dead person. The box has been traveling in occult circles for years, and even inspired the movie The Possession.

Bagans said that he was compelled for the first time ever to remove the box’s protective casing and put his hands on it while Malone was there. Because, ya know, reasons. Malone was not a fan.

Bagans continued to keep in contact with the box until Malone grew increasingly alarmed and eventually grabbed his friend’s shoulder and forced him away. That, according to Bagans, was enough to transfer the box’s curse through him and onto Malone.

Since then, Malone has been jumping from one Final Destination moment to another, narrowly avoiding death or serious injury three times in a row. Bagans is confident that the dybbuk box’s curse is the reason.

The box has a strange and mostly well-documented history, although its exact origins are unknown.

In 2003, the Dybbuk Box was purchased at an estate sale in Portland, Oregon after its owner passed away. After a little digging, the new owner found that the box had belonged to a Holocaust survivor, who purchased the box in Spain before immigrating to the US. At the estate sale, the family was said to be eager to get rid of the box and claimed that it had never been opened due to the presence of a dybbuk.

The new owner decided to risk it and open the box, and found some interesting things inside. The box contained a pair of pennies from the 20s, a lock of blonde hair bound by a cord, a lock of dark hair bound, a small statue with the word “shalom” on it, a small golden wine goblet, a dried rosebud, and a single candle holder with four legs.

Since then, the box has gone from owner to owner, with each claiming strange incidents, ranging from frequent horrific nightmares involving an old hag to physical possession. Some have even reported physical issues, including one woman who had a stroke. Others reported hair loss, hives, welts, and coughing up blood.

After one owner worked with several Rabbis to supposedly successfully reseal the box and contain the spirit, it was donated to Bagans’s museum.

For his part, Malone hasn’t really commented on the string of bad luck, accept to half-jokingly claim “God hates me.” He may not be completely wrong.



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