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Check out Pink Floyd as the soundtrack to space

Pink Floyd space video

In 2014, Pink Floyd celebrated the 20th anniversary of the album “The Division Bell,” the 14th – and at the time presumed final – album from the band. To celebrate the occasion, and to tease a major announcement that later turned out to be a new album, the band released a handful of clips, like the one below.

The video below is set to the music of the song “Marooned,” an instrumental track that debuted in 1994 on the “The Division Bell” album. It plays against the backdrop of video taken from the International Space Station.

The video was actually posted last year. So why are we posting it now? Because it’s cool, that’s why. What more do you need? There’s video of the Earth from space, including some killer footage of the Norther Lights. And it’s all set to a cool Pink Floyd album.

The clip also recently resurfaced on IFLScience, so credit that site for some cool taste in videos past.

If you were wondering, the song is one of two instrumental tracks on the album. Both were written by Dave Gilmour and Richard Wright.

Check out the video below and enjoy. And if that’s not enough for you, you can always watch NASA’s live feed from space.



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