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Peter Jackson and Doctor Who mercilessly toy with our emotions

Peter Jackson and Doctor Who

For the last few years, Oscar winner Peter Jackson has repeatedly stated that he would like to direct an episode of Doctor Who. Jackson is a life-long fan of the show, so it was a fun idea to kick around – while we knew it couldn’t happen.

Jackson had a shield of sort over the last few years, as he was busy filming The Hobbit films (plus reshoots, special editions, supplemental material, etc., etc.). It was easy to say he would love to do one project or another, but he couldn’t for obvious reasons. Well, The Hobbit is done (hopefully), and he doesn’t have any major projects in the works, at least nothing that is far enough along to officially announce. Jackson could direct an episode of Doctor Who – if he wanted to.

But does he? Well, if he doesn’t, he just trolled the shit out of millions of fans everywhere.

Over the weekend, Jackson posted a video on Facebook that was obviously done with help from the people at Doctor Who – or at least the help of Peter Capaldi. It basically jokes about the idea of Jackson directing an episode, and even pokes fun at Jackson’s notorious history of filming lengthy productions in his homeland of New Zealand.

So will Jackson direct an episode? Who knows. It seems like a legit announcement video, but the 10th season of Doctor Who won’t begin filming for a while – there’s no firm date yet. That means there’s no script for Jackson to decide on, but then again he would probably have his choice of episode, or episodes, to film. There are also rumors that there may be specials airing next year, with the 10th season airing in 2017. If so, that would be a good fit for Jackson.

It would also be a potentially good move for Jackson on a professional level.

Jackson recently admitted that The Hobbit productions were a mess. Critics and fans already knew that, of course, but it’s ballsy to hear Jackson admit it. Doing something on a smaller scale would be a nice way to reconnect with fans – plus it wouldn’t be a bad thing for him to do something on a smaller scale, just to hone his skills.

Again though, the video doesn’t actually confirm anything, but it would be a cool collaboration.

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Posted by Peter Jackson on Sunday, November 29, 2015



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