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I’m not really sure how to describe this video of Performer Luciano Rosso, but you should watch it

Performer Luciano Rosso has a lot of control over his face

Performer Luciano Rosso has a lot of control over his face, and he uses that to make odd and engrossing videos like this one.

I must have spent 20 minutes trying to think up a good headline for this video, but it’s tough to do in a few words. Or a few dozen words. Hell, it’s tough to do in a broader article that doesn’t have a word count, so for the headline I just kind of gave up.

But don’t let my defeat stop you from enjoying what is one of the weirder, and yet still more entertaining videos of the week. And given the Internet’s ability to encourage and distribute weirdness, that’s saying something.

All I can tell you is that the clip was posted by Luciano Rosso, a Buenos Ares-based performer that has several, similar clips on YouTube. There is a more recent clip featuring the song “Macarena,” but there’s just something extra weird about the “Mambo” clip from November seen below.

Maybe it’s just that there are a few moments where he looks like one of the titans from Attack on Titan. See the image above.

Rosso has apparently been doing these facial dances for at least three years, and this is the 30th out of 31 so far. His page also has a few other things, including live stage performances where he faux-sings and does the facial dancing. The crowd reaction is intensely positive.

I don’t really know what else to say. It’s a weird clip, but it’s also impressive and kind of hypnotic. Watch it a few times and let it really sink in.




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