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The Pentagon’s vision of the future is incredibly bleak

The Pentagon’s vision of the future is incredibly bleak

A leaked video from the Pentagon shows its vision of the future, including overcrowded megacities, riots, and other generally hellish.

By 2030, megacities are going to be fairly hellish, and they will dominate the world – at least according to the Pentagon. In a new leaked video obtained by The Intercept, the Pentagon lays out its vision of the future. And damn if it isn’t bleak.

Here’s the CliffsNotes version: within 15 years, megacities around the world will be the norm. The rapid urban growth rate will force cities to use up more resources than they can produce. People will become desperate, and the mass of people living in a limited geographical area will put people with differing beliefs in constant conflict – religious differences will be especially volatile.

Crime will rise – both organized and individual – and new hybrid threats born out of these urban hellscapes will grow and connect to other groups around the world, making most threats international in nature. Soldiers will need to learn to redefine urban warfare, and learn to battle a highly sophisticated enemy without disrupting the flow of life in these cities. And at the moment, the militaries of the world aren’t capable or prepared to face this threat.

Basically, we are all fucked. At least according to the Pentagon.

It’s a dark view of the future, but that’s not surprising given the source. The Pentagon is built to assess threats, so that’s how it sees the world. By 2030, the world could be on the verge of an energy crisis as fossil fuels dwindle, or it could be entering a new era of renewable energy thanks to things like Tesla’s powerwall and the possible introduction of cold fusion. New methods for turning CO2 into ethanol may be coming soon, and we may be on Mars setting up a colony by then. China already has multiple megacities and they haven’t reverted to cannibalism yet, so maybe there’s hope.

It really just depends on how you look at the world. If you think things are going to Hell, the Pentagon agrees. If not, this clip will make you wonder what happened to optimism. Check it out below.



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