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Thousands of penguins battle thousands of Santas, because why not

penguins vs Santas

It’s penguins vs Santas in this computer-generated model featuring 15,000 characters on screen at once in an epic and bloody battle.

So this post probably should have gone up before Christmas given that it features Santa, but then again, maybe a video with Santa in a brutal and bloody fight against thousands of penguins isn’t exactly in the holiday spirit. Regardless, you can’t keep a good video down no matter the date.

The clip below comes from Brilliant Game Studios, and it features a total of 15,000 characters on screen at once – 11,000 penguins  vs 4,000 Santa Clauses. Santa Clausi? After appearing on Digg and other sites, it quickly went viral.

It’s basically a technical test to see how many characters can be present and active at once, and in that it’s fairly impressive, albeit not exactly new. There has been software like this available for professionals for years now, dating back to The Fellowship of the Ring, and even earlier.

That isn’t to take anything away from this clip, it’s just meant to point out that someone, somewhere wanted to see 15,000 characters fight, and so they chose Santas and penguins to face off in a bloody brawl where only one side could survive.

I would have put money on the Santas and their opposable thumbs, but the numbers won out. Plus, penguins are vicious little bastards in real life. Don’t let their adorable waddle fool you, they’ll mess you up.

Check out the video below and expect many more clips like this in the future, pitting one bizarre group against another, because what else is technology for?



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