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Passenger aircraft are becoming utterly insane

And now, for your Tuesday afternoon viewing pleasure: a commercial airliner that can do things you pray it will never have to do!

Aviation technology continues to evolve at a respectable pace, but that doesn’t always mean much to the commercial traveler. Sure, it’s cool that a 250+ passenger jet can do a loop-de-loop, but God help you if you are onboard and it ever has to.

Despite the fact that most passengers will mercifully never experience some of the incredible maneuvers that a modern, hi-tech commercial airliner can pull off, that doesn’t make them any less impressive. Just check out the insane takeoff capabilities of one of the newest Boeing planes below, as it takes off at a 30-degree angle.

The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner holds 280 passengers, can travel 8300 nautical miles without refueling, measures 206 feet long, and is 197 wide. It can also do some incredible tricks.

The clip below is from the Farnborough International Airshow in Farnbourough, England, located southwest of London. The event actually took place back in mid-July, but unless you are very much up on your commercial aviation technology, you may have missed it.

The Dreamliner’s first flight took place back in 2009, and it was introduced to commercial service in October 2011. Around 230 have been built, so there is a chance you may find yourself on one on your next flight. Good news if you are in a plane that suddenly needs to do a barrel roll, which is hopefully never ever.

Anyway, check out the footage below and marvel at how far aviation has come, and how far it may still go.



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