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Parkour, martial arts, and food tricks all in one video

parkour skateboard video

Check out this of the performer known as Azo in a parkour skateboard video, each of which alone would be remarkable. Together they make a hell of a clip.

Even by the standards of the Internet, the guy in this video is fairly remarkable. Any of the individual stunts pulled off by the performer known as Azo would be entertaining and impressive to the average person on the street, but if you watch a decent amount of videos on the Internet, then you’re probably at least a little spoiled – there’s not even a single fireball in the video! – but when you put all of the tricks together, it is absolutely insane what this guy can do.

The video recently appeared on ViralNova, but it first hit YouTube back in November 2013. It combines parkour, food tricks, martial arts, and even a touch of skateboarding. Sadly, there is nary a kitten to be seen, but it still is one of the coolest Internet videos around.

Basically, the guy is an X-Man. He should design a costume and go fight crime or something.

Check it out, and if you know of any clips that are better than this one, let us know and we’ll check them out. We’ll even give you credit in the article for the referral! What more could you ask for? (Don’t say money.)




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