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Parkour down a mountain is intense

Parkour down a mountain is intense

We’ve posted a lot of parkour videos on this site, enough that we were initially going to pass on posting this video. Then we watched it.

The clip below comes from Tianman Mountain in China and the Skyladder Parkour course. The area is a well-known tourist destination in the northwestern section of the Hunan Province. The mountain is just shy of a mile tall at 4,983 feet, and it recently made highlights when it opened a glass walkway that if it suddenly shattered would send the travelers walking over it plummeting to their deaths.

The location also plays hosts to several events throughout the year, including the Skyladder Parkour challenge where athletes get to try their parkour skills on a downhill track at a steep angle. Athlete and parkour freerunner Calen Chan headed east to the location known as Heaven’s Gate to give it a go, which leads us to this video.

Chan elected to run this track, and he did so wearing a head-mounted GoPro camera. The rest is viral video.

It’s an interesting look at the Heaven’s Gate, as seen from the POV of someone flying down it at what for most of us would be considered a reckless pace. For Chan, however, it just looks like a quick way down.

Check it out below and don’t try this at home… or at the Heaven’s Gate as the case might be.



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