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The 10 best ghost videos posted online

10 best ghost videos

In anticipation of Halloween, the best non-holiday holiday, we offer up our picks for the 10 best ghost videos ever shared with the world.

In celebration of Halloween, the greatest non-holiday holiday this side of National Kitten Day (yes, it’s a thing), we decided to spelunk the depths of the internet to find the most authentic looking, and best ghost videos to be found. Then we decided to pick our favorites.

Below are our choices for the 10 best ghost videos to be found online. These are the ones that made us shiver, or made us scratch our heads over what the hell happened. They are also the ones that we can’t easily dismiss as fake. That doesn’t guarantee they are legit paranormal – by its nature we can’t guarantee that – but they seem solid.

So check them out. If you can categorically debunk one of them, please let us know in the comments. If you know one that we missed and needs to be here, don’t keep it to yourself.

We settled with 10, but if you want to see more of the best ghost videos online, you can check out every clip we have posted here. If you’d like to know a bit more about each incident below, click on the title to go to the original post.

The Eastern State Penitentiary is Still Occupied

The Eastern State Penitentiary, located in Philadelphia, has gained a reputation as being one of the most haunted locations in the country. Several incidents have been reported, enough so that paranormal teams frequently reserve the place to investigate it. There’s even a waiting list, and people generally don’t leave disappointed.

One of the creepiest pieces of evidence captured at the prison comes from the Ghost Hunter crew, who captured the clip above. The team set up multiple cameras around the structure and left them running hoping to capture something weird. They weren’t disappointed.

Read the full article HERE.


Five Years of Hauntings in One Clip

Michael D Magee claims to have been haunted for years, and the spirit continues to follow him wherever he goes. He has moved multiple times, and still weird things keep happening.

The clip above collects some of the best moments from over the years, and when we originally posted this it was just four years.

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Stick Creatures Roam the World

The clip above isn’t technically a ghost video, but it is one of the weirdest things you’ll see online – well, that bar is disgustingly high, but it is one of the weirdest things you’ll see on this list, and that’s saying something given that it is a list of weird things.

The stick figures have been spotted a handful of times in wooded areas, and some believe that they are ancient spirits that lived in the forests long before humans. Click the link below to read more about them and see another clip of them in action.

Read the full article HERE.


The Inspiration for The Shining Earns its Reputation

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado is one of the freakiest places in the U.S. It was the inspiration for The Shining, and weird stuff reportedly happens there all the time. Because of that, it tends to frequently attract paranormal investigators.

During one investigation, a team was basically trolled by a trio of ghosts. The instigators were there to find ghosts, and while they were taking a break the evidence presented itself behind them while no one was watching. Check it out.

Read the full article HERE.


Ghost Throws Brick, Ghost Hunters Run

Generally, we try to stay away from clips captured by big name TV paranormal teams. There are a few exceptions though, like the one above.

The clip was recorded by the Ghost Adventures team during the first documentary they ever made. It is also among the weirdest, and in their own words, “most compelling” (if you watch the show, you’ll get that joke) pieces of evidence they’ve ever captured. You can tell it was probably real too, because they both screamed like little girls and eventually jumped out a window to escape – not that anyone can really blame them.

Read the full article HERE.


Headless Ghost in Iraq Shcool

If there are ghosts in the world, and if they are created by traumatic deaths, then Iraq would probably be one of the most paranormally active spots in the world. And that’s where the clip above is reportedly from.

The story goes that a group of teens were exploring an abandoned school in Iraq, possibly looking for evidence of the supernatural, when they captured what appears to be a headless, black mass.

Read the full article HERE.


The Happiest, Most Haunted Place on Earth

Here’s something you probably didn’t know about Disneyland: the place is lousy with human remains. Over the years, Disneyland has had many, many people come and dump the ashes of loved ones on the premises. Some of those people may not have left.

One additional note about this video – Disney seems to be forcing the takedown of this clip. Could they be hiding something?! More likely their lawyers just told them that weird clips of the park somehow violate their copyright or something, plus they aren’t getting a piece of the sweet internet monies, but still.

Read the full article HERE.


Poltergeists Gone Wild

There are a lot of poltergeist videos online, and the vast majority of them are obviously fake. Common tools include fishing wire, editing software, and people off camera throwing stuff. This one, however, is nuts.

The clip above comes from a YouTube poster named Mellowb1rd, and it is one of many clips he has captured. So many things have happened that the guy even took to leaving cameras running all around his house just to catch the next incident. And he wasn’t disappointed. Freaked out, but not disappointed.

Read the full article HERE.


Spirits of all kind haunt this bar

The clip above was recorded at the Ye Olde Man and Scythe, located in the Manchester, England metro area. The bar has been in operation since 1251, and it has seen a lot of history – not all of it good.

In the 17th century during the English Civil War, the local Earl – and owner of the bar – was sentenced to death for his part in a massacre that took place nearby. He was held prisoner in the bar before being led to the nearby spot of his execution, and some say his ghost remains.

Read the full article HERE.


Villisca Murder House EVPs

While technically this isn’t a video in the traditional sense, it is damn weird. The audio clip above features an Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP), something paranormal investigators also call a spirit recording. Investigators leave recording devices going, and they pick up things the human ear can’t hear.

The EVP above was recorded in the Villisca Murder House, the site of eight grizzly and brutal murders. An unknown man hid in the house, then crept down in the middle of the night to murder them all in their sleep with an axe. Eight people were killed, including six children. The recording captures what sounds an awful lot like a girl being killed by an axe. It’s disturbing, to say the least.

Read the full article HERE.


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This article was originally posted in October 2015, and then updated in October 2018. We will likely continue to update it in the future, making sure the videos are all working. If you have a suggestion for a specific clip, or you see a video not working, let us know in the comments below!



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