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A mashup of Notorious B.I.G. and the TV show Dinosaurs shouldn’t work, but…

Notorious BIG Dinosaurs mashup

Show of proverbial hands: who remembers the Jim Henson produced ABC TV show from the early 90s, Dinosaurs? You don’t actually have to raise your hands, we can’t see you. We’re not the NSA or anything.

Depending on your age, if you were a TV watcher back then you probably have at least some vague memories of it. It was an ambitious show, to say the least, starring a cast of puppets, cracking jokes in primetime. It was also in some ways Henson’s legacy show. He came up with the concept shortly before he died, but he never saw it become a reality.

You may also remember the show because of how it ended. Man, it went dark. Real dark.

The series finale saw the family’s patriarch and focus of the show, Earl Sinclair, unwittingly contribute to the destruction of the Earth, which in turn led to the extinction of all the dinosaurs. Including the baby that was a major part of the show. Like I said, dark.

None of that makes any difference to the video below, but it is good to have a little context.

The video, created by filmmaker Benjamin Roberts, mashes up the show with the Notorious B.I.G. song “Hypnotize.” It works shockingly well. There’s even a quick scene featuring a dino-P Diddy. Or Puffy. Or was it Puff Daddy back then?

The video features the uncut version of the song, complete with the odd sh*t and a few n-bombs. So if you are at work, or you’re in an Oklahoma fraternity, keep the volume down.

The song was originally released in 1997, mere months before the death of the rapper. But as long as there are puppet controlled dinosaurs to carry on for him, B.I.G. will never truly be gone.



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