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This insane volleyball match isn’t real, but you should absolutely watch it

insane volleyball

A sketch comedy group from BYU known as Studio C released a clip featuring what appears to be an insane volleyball game that many thought was real.

Recently, a clip showing what looks like an insane volleyball game hit the Internet, and like all insane things on the Internet, it went viral. And like many insane things on the Internet, it’s blatantly not real. It was never supposed to be taken as real, but it went far enough that Snopes ran an article on it.

Once you see the clip, you’ll wonder what the hell is wrong with people that they thought it was real. Then you’ll probably watch it a few more times and laugh your ass off.

The video comes from a sketch comedy group known as Studio C, produced by BYUtv. The clip was initially a .gif, focusing on just a short portion of the volleyball rally without any of the identifying markers – like the Studio C logo – which made it look like it might have been somewhat legit. Watching more of it though makes it seem obvious that it isn’t real.

This is actually the second video featuring “athlete” Scott Sterling using his face in remarkable and improbable ways. The first features a soccer match, where Sterling’s face proved the most effective deterrent imaginable.

And for some reason, in both clips the UNC Tarheels are the team that loses out.

Don’t watch it if you’re looking for a real clip, but you should watch it regardless because it’s hilarious and makes for a good thing to watch on April Fool’s Day.

‘Nuff said.



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