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Nick Offerman drinking whisky is the only Yule log you’ll need

Nick Offerman drinking whisky

This Christmas, instead of popping on a video showing a Yule log on an endless loop, you can watch Nick Offerman drinking whisky for 45 minutes.

During this holiday season, you may find yourself in a position where it would be nice to have a Yule log burning in the background – even if it is just a digital version of a Yule log, playing on a repeating loop.

Come Christmas time, there are even channels dedicated to nothing but the broadcast of a burning Yule log. It’s nothing but a 24 hour loop of a log burning in a fireplace. Netflix even has a yule program broken up into three “seasons”; the first “episode” is just the log burning, the second is the log with crackling, the third is the crackling log with music.

At first, it’s odd using a television, especially an HD flatscreen TV, to watch a log burning. It’s kind of like using a computer as a paperweight. But once you start watching, it’s hard to stop.

But while the Yule log is a soothing image to have on, try this instead: 45 minutes of Nick Offerman drinking whisky.

That’s the entire video. There’s no hidden message or secret agenda, it’s just Offerman and a glass of whisky, sitting down with a fire burning in the background.

It’s oddly hypnotic.

The clip is the latest in Offerman’s “My Tales of Whisky,” a YouTube series created by Offerman and Scottish distillery Diageo, the makers of Lagavulin single malt scotch, and Oban.

That sort of makes it advertising, but it is low-key, low-impact advertising that most of us can get behind.

So enjoy the soothing face of Nick Offerman and his majestic beard. You can thank us later.

And if that doesn’t do it for you, you can always watch the 24 hour loop of the Nyan Cat song.



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