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The Next Nintendo console release rumored for summer 2016

Next Nintendo console release

There is a very good chance that Nintendo’s next console, codenamed the Nintendo NX, will be released in 2016. This fits with earlier reports, but a new report from Digitimes states Nintendo has arranged for its manufacturing partners to begin work this October.

Details were vague, but the new console will be manufactured by the well-known and controversial Foxconn Electronics, with Pegatron Technology hoping to help out as well. The report is based on anonymous sources, and all parties involved have refused to comment.

If the source is correct, Nintendo will have the majority of its new consoles ready to go in Spring 2016, with a summer launch planned. This would fit with Nintendo’s previously hinted at time table for the Nintendo NX, which claimed the system would be on the market in 2016.

In years past, the console would have been announced at E3 with all the fanfare of a giant E3 stage show, but Nintendo has moved away from that. The Japanese company has instead opted for a series of smaller events directed towards fans, so an announcement on the new system will likely come via a Nintendo Direct event.

This news isn’t really all that surprising, with one possible exception – the summer release.

Nintendo seems to have more or less written off the Wii U – if that wasn’t clear before, it should be from its weak E3 Wii U lineup – but the rush to replace it runs counter to most business models. There’s a reason most major games and consoles have been released in the fall. Many manufacturers and publishers rely on that holiday sales window. On top of that, people just don’t play games as much in the summer as they do in the fall and winter.

The summer release is still completely rumored though, but if it does happen it would confirm Nintendo’s desire to bury the Wii U for good as quickly as possible. Nintendo has said that isn’t the case though.

“When NX is launched, there already will be a certain volume of Nintendo 3DS and Wii U hardware widely existing in the market, so from a software business perspective, it would be highly inefficient to stop releasing titles for Nintendo 3DS or Wii U right after the launch of NX,” Nintendo president Satoru Iwata told GameStop.



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