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New Suicide Squad images give us a hint of what the movie Joker will be like

A new set of images from the set of the Suicide Squad, depicting Jared Leto as the Joker talking (and fighting) with Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn (or perhaps Dr. Harleen Quinzel at this point) have leaked. The images, which are courtesy of Just Jared, also confirm that the Joker will, in fact, be sporting the tattoos seen in the previously released image.

JokerThe images may also give us a hint at the tone of the Joker in DC’s new shared universe.

To begin with, they confirm that the previously released images of Leto as the Joker, showing off metal teeth and multiple tattoos, is official. There was some debate over that following the release of more set image leaks, but this should confirm that.

It seems to project another side of punk. Heath Ledger’s Joker was said to be in part inspired by several punk icons, ranging from Iggy Pop to Johnny Rotten to the more modern Pete Doherty. It was punk in the attitude if not necessarily in the traditional look.

Ledger’s Joker had style, but was also meant to convey a sense that he didn’t care about his looks – almost to the sense that he was psychologically disassociated from them.

The new images for Leto seem to be a different type of punk, with an emphasis on the looks. The tattoos are one thing, but the clothes are another hint at his character.

Joker 6Here’s where I veer off into opinion.

The clothes and makeup seem reminiscent of the Joker in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. the Joker spent much of that story catatonic, but when he returned, he was very fashionable – even slightly sexual.

I’ve already made my case for how I think DC and WB are being influenced by the comics of the 80s – especially The Dark Knight Returns – so maybe I’m reading too much into it.

Regardless, based on the few, admittedly out of context images released, the Joker seems to be a psychopath of whim. There appear to be several dead bodies around the Joker in the images. There could be more to it, but the smart money is on that scene depicting the Joker driving up in his fancy (stolen) car to confront Harley, he casually shoots a few people, then gets into a fight with her before she turns the tables.

joker dkr 300That sort of suggests (to me at least) that the Joker is a more reactive character, at least compared to Ledger’s anarchistic mastermind, the old mainstream comics depiction of a warped performer, or the more modern comics take where the Joker is basically part demon.

Does that make him less threatening to depict him as just a crazy guy with a lot of tattoos and a gun? Or does the potential randomness of his violence make him even scarier?

That might come down to opinion, but we’ll at least know what he looks like on film when the Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5, 2016  – although don’t be surprised if he makes a cameo in Batman v. Superman in a rumored scene depicting him killing Robin. That’s totally unconfirmed though, but if there is an established back story behind those metal teeth, that may have something to it.

Check out the bulk of the images below.

joker 7


Joker 4

Joker 2

Joker 3





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