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Strapping a GoPro to a rocket heading to space is pretty amazing

SpaceX GoPro

In order to get a bit of recognition for a new GoPro video, you really need to go to incredible extremes. Just walking down the street and high-fiving people while wearing a GoPro isn’t enough. If you walked down the street high fiving people wearing a GoPro while on fire, however, that may be enough to get a bit of attention.

Alternatively, you can strap a GoPro onto the side of a rocket and have it record the return to Earth. That might be enough to get a little bit of attention.

The team at SpaceX did just that. The ground crew attached a GoPro to a metal fairing on a Falcon 9 rocket that took a Dragon spacecraft into orbit. The Falcon rocket was designed to be reused. Because of that, it’s return to Earth was slightly more gentle than most rockets, which are designed to either burn up in the atmosphere or slam down into an ocean.

To go along with the video, the team at SpaceX paired the clip with Johann Strauss II’s “Blue Danube.” It’s a fairly predictable choice, but it works.

For the next big GoPro video, one of the cameras will be attached to a nuclear missile and shot into the sun! Just kidding. Probably.



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