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New Sherlock Christmas trailer debuts, and bad news on a season 4 air date

New Sherlock trailer

If you’ve never seen the BBC’s Sherlock you may wonder why a detective show is using Comic-Con to release a trailer and debut some news. If you have seen the show though, you probably know that Sherlock is basically a superhero, so it makes sense.

There’s also a huge crossover between Sherlock and Doctor Who fans for a few reasons, the most obvious of which being that they share Steven Moffat as a showrunner. Beyond that there are similarities between the shows on a core┬álevels. Both lead characters are quirky, they both have a grounded companion, and they both have issues that are generally resolved by intelligence over who can punch harder.

The trailer in question is for a one off Christmas special set in the more traditional Sherlock Holmes-y time of Victorian London. It hasn’t been revealed how this will work, but the best bet is that it will be a completely standalone story, with maybe a twist at the end that loosely connects it to the modern day setting.

When the episode airs (presumably on Christmas Day or close to it), the episode will also hit “select theaters” around the world. It may end up with a staggered release with a later theatrical debut, in much the same way that the Doctor Who 50th anniversary hit theaters a few weeks after it aired on TV.

The news came during Comic-Con, which is convenient for Moffat who was also there for the Doctor Who panel. During the Sherlock panel, Moffat was joined on stage by fellow producer Sue Vertue and actor Rupert Graves, who plays Lestrade.

Series star Benedict Cumberbatch appeared alongside producer and actor Mark Gatiss in a video, and they were joined by Andy Scott, who plays Moriarty. Scott is currently finishing work on the James Bond film Spectre, but he is expected to make a return of some kind when season 4 returns properly.

As for when that might be, Moffat wasn’t sure. According to the producer, he hasn’t started writing the fourth season yet, so it could be a while still.



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