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New Indiana Jones film confirmed to be in the works (Updated)

New Indiana Jones film

Update 5/6/15: Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy confirmed to Vanity Fair that the studio is, indeed, looking at creating a new Indiana Jones film, although it is a few years away at least. There is no story yet, and the film won’t necessarily be a reboot or recast Indy. That said, given that Ford is 72 and the film is years away, the chances are good that Disney and Lucasfilms will opt to start over with a new franchise rather than make one final Indy film with Jones. 

The only thing confirmed at the moment is that the studio is planning on a new film. According to Kennedy, “[Indiana Jones] will one day be made inside this company. When it will happen, I’m not quite sure. We haven’t started working on a script yet, but we are talking about it.”

The rumored involvement of Chris Pratt as the next Indy is also still very much a rumor. 

Original article 1/28/15: File this under things you probably didn’t didn’t expect to hear today: Lucasfilm and Disney are considering rebooting the Indiana Jones franchise, and according to Deadline, the studios are considering Chris Pratt to don the fedora and whip.

Deadline is quick to point out that this is barely beyond the discussion stages, but bringing back the Indiana Jones franchise is almost certainly a given at some point. Although Disney’s $4 billion purchase of Lucasfilm was headlined by news of new Star Wars films on the way, that deal also included a few other properties, notably Indiana Jones.

Sure, Spielberg, Lucas, Ford, and Shia LaBeouf did their absolute best to poison the franchise with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, it is still one of the most appealing and profitable properties out there that is screaming for some TLC. Disney would be insane to ignore it.

chris pratt as indiana jonesAccording to the report, the studios are somewhat set on Pratt for the role of Indiana Jones, something Pratt’s inner child is probably going utterly berserk about right now. He can already cross off superhero and dinosaur hunter from his bucket list thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy (if you haven’t already, check out the awesome blooper reel) and the upcoming Jurassic World. If he lands the role of Indy, he’ll just need to grease those Disney connections and land a role in one of the upcoming Star Wars films, and he will be king of the 80s children for the rest of time.  

Take that, Chris Evans.

One potential issue in moving forward on a reboot may be Harrison Ford.

When Ford was asked to reprise his role in the upcoming Star Wars, there were several reports claiming in no uncertain terms that he would only return to that franchise, if a fifth Indiana Jones moved forward in the very near future. It was supposedly even included in his contract for Star Wars.

Of course, those stories were completely unconfirmed, but they came from multiple sources.

If Disney is moving ahead with the Indiana Jones franchise, they will need to make peace with Ford. Even if there is no contractual issue and Ford is fine with a reboot, the studio will certainly want to try to include him. That might mean a cameo, a producer credit, or possibly even a new role – there is always Indy’s father…

If Ford is interested in reprising the role of Indy himself, the window is certainly closing. Ford will turn 73 years this July, and given his obligations to Star Wars, if the character of Han Solo continues on through the rest of the upcoming trilogy, Ford may be at least partially committed until he nears 80. Even if Solo… departs after the first of the new films, another Indy film would likely be a few years away at least.

And that’s not even mentioning the shape the franchise was left in after the fourth movie.

This is all in the very early stages, but it all makes sense. Pratt is hot right now, and he helped turned a potentially risky Marvel film into a massive hit for Disney. He’s a rising star, and the property of Indiana Jones is another gold mine waiting for Disney to tap it.

No hint at who might be tapped to head the project up, but it will likely be Top. Men.



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