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Netflix orders three new series, Voltron and show from Guillermo Del Toro

Netflix orders three new series, Voltron and show from Guillermo Del Toro

The list of original shows, documentaries, specials, and movies coming to Netflix in the near future is already fairly impressive, and you can add three more titles to that list: a new “sexy” thriller called Gypsy, an original series from Guillermo del Toro titled Trollhunters, and the revival of the animated show Voltron.

If you have been a Netflix subscriber for a while, you’ve probably noticed that the streaming network isn’t getting the same level of second run films that it used to – or at least it isn’t getting them quickly. Part of that is simply that it is more cost effective to offer more content rather than premium content, and part of that is because Netflix is positioning itself as an original content creator.

That trend will continue to grow, and these new titles are just the first of many more coming in the future.

Gypsy is being described as a “sexy, psychological thriller”, following a therapist that begins to engage in intimate relationships with the people in her patients’ lives. Gypsy is set for a 10-episode run in 2017.

Del Toro’s new series, Trollhunters, is an original show focusing on two friends that make a startling discovery. Yeah, that’s kind of a vague description, but it’s del Toro, who is currently having a fair amount of success on TV with the show, The Strain. The new series is tentatively set for 2016.

And most notably, Netflix and Dreamworks announced a new animated Voltron, a revival of the cartoon from the 80s that originated in Japan as the impressively named Beast King GoLion Armored Fleet Dairugger XV. It probably translates much cooler.

The new series is part of the deal that will see several new shows based on animated Dreamworks properties. Like Trollhunters, the new Voltron will debut in 2016.



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