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Neil deGrasse Tyson’s late night TV series launches April 20

Neil deGrasse Tyson StarTalk TV show

Astrophysicist, Cosmos  host, and one of the few personalities that can consistently make science seem cool, is getting his own late night TV show. According to Variety, Tyson will host a TV version of his StarTalk podcast for the National Geographic Channel, which will debut on April 20.

Go ahead, draw your 4:20 connections here. The date is likely a coincidence. Or maybe someone at the National Geographic Channel has a sense of humor.

Anyway, the announced list of guests is already fairly incredible. Confirmed so far are Former President Jimmy Carter, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, biologist Richard Dawkins, actor George Takei, and director Christopher Nolan.

Bill Nye, the once and forever Science Guy, is scheduled to make weekly appearances in his own segment.

The show is the evolution of Tyson’s StarTalk Radio podcast, which brings guests together to discuss all manner of science-y goodness. Some shows are somewhat straightforward and feature Tyson answering listeners’ questions, others stick to a particular theme. Those can range from breaking down the science of sci-fi movies to the physics of super hero powers.

The TV version of StarTalk will be a weekly hourlong show focusing on a variety of science and space related topics. It will feature a primary guest that Tyson will interview one-on-one. After that, he will then join a panel of scientists, celebrities, and comedians in front of a live studio audience where they will discuss topics of the week.

The show will air Monday nights at 11, then repeat Friday at 7pm.



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