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When You Hate your Neighbor so Much You Seek Vengeance on Google Earth

When You Hate your Neighbor so Much You Seek Vengeance on Google Earth

A Washington State resident has a grudge going with their neighbor, so they took their vengeance on Google Earth using a lawn mower.

Residents in Sequim, Washington really, really don’t like one of their neighbors. In fact, the dislike is so strong that you can see it from space.

The small town of Sequim, Washington, located on the Olympic Peninsula just across the water from Victoria, British Columbia, is known to some as the “Lavender Capital of North America.” That’s a title some residents take a great deal of pride in. So much so that they embrace the color purple – and not just a little purple, but a bright, shiny purple that creates a blinding purple beam of reflected light.

Neighbors were not amused, and so they took out their frustration on a patch of grass, letting everyone know that they think the neighbor with the purple house is an “A-hole.” It was an especially subtle revenge, given that the image can only be seen from above, but this is the internet, where nothing this petty and funny stays hidden for long.

A map image of Sequim seen from Google Earth – which, of course, somehow made it to Reddit – reveals an arrow with the words “A-hole,” pointing to the house of Cindy Zechenelly. From the air, Zechenelly’s house looks typical enough, but from the ground, the garage is painted bright purple, much to the annoyance of the neighbors.

The dispute goes back years. In 2009, one neighbor told the local newspaper that the garage filled their house with “lavender light” every morning. The garage even earned a nickname – “Barney” – and neighbors disliked it so much that they attempted to get their property taxes lowered, claiming that the purple structure hurt their property value. It’s not clear who exactly created the “A-hole” sign – there are apparently several suspects – but the first hints of it were captured by Google in 2013.

As for Zechenelly, she has refused comment in the hopes that the viral attention will go away. Good luck with that.



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