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Finally, Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake in an Uncharted Movie! (Sorta!)

Finally, Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake in an Uncharted Movie! (Sorta!)

A new fan film made without the approval of the powers that be shows what Nathan Fillion in an Uncharted movie could look like.

There have been talks about a possible Uncharted film in one form or another for years now, but so far we’ve been left with stories about directors coming and going and a possible prequel starring Tom Holland that appears to be in development hell at the moment. So this fan-made short staring and produced by Nathan Fillion might be the closest we get to an Uncharted movie, at least for now.

For several years fans have been screaming that Fillion would be the perfect person to play the star of the Uncharted series, Nathan Drake. They both have a charismatic swagger, and Drake’s character has plenty of similarities to other Fillion characters, including his turn as Captain Mal Reynolds on Firefly. That’s a very broad interpretation, but both Drake and Reynolds have an endearing flippancy in the face of danger that works for both stories, so unsurprisingly, fans jumped on the potential.

Despite that, Sony has gone in different directions. At first, it looked like Academy Award winner David O. Russell was set to adapt the game into a big screen film, with Mark Wahlberg starring as Drake. Fans weren’t exactly thrilled with the take, and apparently neither was Sony. Russell soon left, kicking off a carousel of writers, actors, and directors. The latest iteration has confirmed Holland as a young Drake, but there’s no director attached at the moment and the script is currently undergoing another series of rewrites. That doesn’t mean it’s dead, but it doesn’t look great either.

So this fan-made film, directed and co-written by Allan Ungar, may be the closest we get – which is a shame because it could be amazing.

The short stars Fillion as Drake alongside Stephen Lang as Sully and Mircea Monroe as Elena. Toss in Geno Segers and Ernie Reyes Jr. in small parts as bad guys and that’s a shockingly good cast for a fan-film. It’s hard not to think this isn’t something of a sizzle reel for Sony’s benefit, a kind of “well, since you aren’t using the Uncharted property maybe give us a try?” sort of thing. It’s not unprecedented – Deadpool famously began as a personal passion project for the team behind so there is a precedent.

The story is also surprisingly well crafted for a short. The Flor de la Mar mentioned in the short was an actual Portuguese ship that sunk somewhere in the Indian Ocean in 1511 carrying 400 tons of plunder. Its captain, Afonoso de Albuquerque, was the only survivor and there have been questions about why a man with a reputation strong enough to earn him the title “Caesar of the East” would sail a ship that had a history of problems. The truth is probably far more boring than anything seen in an Uncharted game, but it would fit very, very well with the series.

Sony may not be willing to give up on its plans of seeing Holland as a young Drake just yet, but it seems like there’s an alternative ready to go. Check it out below and dream about what might be.



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