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Elon Musk donates $10 million to help keep AI from killing us all

Musk donates 10 mil to AI safety

Inventor and Entrepreneur Elon Musk is donating $10 mil to the Future of Life Institute, a scientist led, volunteer group dedicated to keeping the Artificial Intelligence of the future from kill us all.

Technically, the group exists to ensure that AI remains benevolent and beneficial to our society. Which pretty much means they exist to stop AI from deciding we pesky humans just aren’t worth serving anymore. From there, it’s a tiny step to genocide.

According to the Future of Life Institution, with AI progressing as steadily as it is researchers are at the point where they need to start discussing the ethical future of AI, and the path the current AI research should take.

The group never specifically states that it is concerned about having to greet our new robotic overlords, but it is there if you read between the lines.

“Here are all these leading AI researchers saying that AI safety is important,” Musk said of the group. “I agree with them, so I’m today committing $10M to support research aimed at keeping AI beneficial for humanity.”

Musk is not alone in fearing the rise of AI. Theoretical Physicist Stephen Hawking recently stated that “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.”

Along with the continuation of the humanity, the group intends to help act as a regulatory body of sorts, helping AI research along. It will soon begin accepting grant applications from AI researchers.

“Dramatic advances in artificial intelligence are opening up a range of exciting new applications,” Demis Hassabis, Shane Legg and Mustafa Suleyman, co-founders of DeepMind Technologies, which was recently acquired by Google, wrote in the statement.

“With these newfound powers comes increased responsibility. Elon’s generous donation will support researchers as they investigate the safe and ethical use of artificial intelligence, laying foundations that will have far reaching societal impacts as these technologies continue to progress.”

The group and its supporters are hoping that by focusing on AI safety now, at this early stage, the future will avoid becoming the Terminator series. Beyond that though, the Foundation could help advance the field by connecting researchers and highlighting the best paths to take for success. At the moment though, the research is far outstripping the development of safety guidelines.

“[Musk’s donation is] wonderful, because this will provide the impetus to jump-start research on AI safety”, said AAAI president Tom Dietterich. “This addresses several fundamental questions in AI research that deserve much more funding than even this donation will provide.”



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