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The MST3K Turkey Day Marathon 2014 begins!

MST3K turkey day marathon 2014

For the second year in a row, Mystery Science Theater 3000 is reliving its glory days with a new Turkey Day marathon. The show will stream six classic episodes, as well as all new host segments recorded by show creator, Joel Hodgson.

The MST3K Turkey Day marathon is a tradition that goes back to the show’s early days on Comedy Central. The first marathon took place in 1991, and it became an annual tradition through ’95. The show came back once more on the Sci-Fi Channel in ’97.

The tradition made a Thanksgiving Day return last year thanks to the Shout Factory!, which helped to stream six episodes of the show online, all introduced by Joel Hodgson – not the character of Joel Robinson, mind you, but Hodgson.

The marathon this year will again consist of six classic episodes. The actual lineup is being kept as a surprise, but Hodgson will once again return to host. Several guest stars are also being promised, but who they are and how they it into the history if MST3K is being kept a secret.

The Turkey Day stream will begin at 9am PST. Until then you can watch the episode “Manos,” which is on repeating loop.

The stream will be available on multiple devices, and through a few different methods, beginning with MST3K’s official YouTube Channel. That means that in theory any device with a YouTube app – from gaming consoles to smartphones to tablets – will be able to stream the event.

According to Shout Factory!, there have been some inconsistencies with the YouTube stream. Any problems can generally be fixed with a restart though, or barring that a technical tap. Granted, hitting your fancy electronics devices probably won’t fix it, but it does tend to make a person feel better.

If you have an objection to YouTube for some reason, you can also watch it on the MST3KTurkeyDay,com website (although it just embeds the YouTube channel), as well as Pluto.TV’s MST3K Channel. So really, you have no excuse to not watch it. None at all.

You can even watch it right here if you want:



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