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Who needs a new console when you can play thousands of classic games online for free?

ms dos games free online

The Internet Archive has uploaded just over 2,300 MS-DOS games that you can play for free in your browser. Throw that in with the thousands of other games already available on the site, and you can spend the rest of your life playing games for free.

You may have already seen some headlines regarding this. Oddly, several of the outlets covering this, including ABC News, are focusing heavily on Oregon Trail.

I like Oregon Trail as much as the next guy that grew up playing it – I even moved to Oregon from the Midwest with zero bouts of dysentery! – but that is just one of over 2,300 MS-DOS games that you can now play in your browser.

Along with Oregon Trail – which to be fair is currently the most viewed game in the collection by a wide margin – some of the other titles include: Wolfenstein 3D, Sim City, Super Street Fighter II, and Maniac Mansion to name a few.

Several of those games are even old school, NSFW porn titles. Wheeeeee.

Along with the MS-DOS titles, you can find thousands of other previously uploaded games on The Internet Archive. That includes hundreds of old arcade games like Golden Axe and Joust to name a few. The real time suck, however, is the classic PC games collection including games like Quake, X-COM: UFO Defense, and 6,453 other titles.

You can also find every Atari, Sega Genesis, and Sega Game Gear title ever made. And that’s just the most well known of the stuff you can find there. The site also contains over 435 billion archived websites, old audio files, a bunch of videos, and plenty more things to help you say goodbye to your life. It is the rabbit hole of all rabbit holes.

Grab a gamepad and plug in, then kiss your friends and family goodbye.



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