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A mother catches a ghost with her baby

A mother catches a ghost with her baby

It’s another round of WTF theater, a new video has surfaced showing a baby monitor, a baby, and something that looks a whole lot like an apparition hovering over the baby. And then another one shows up.

The clip comes from a mother named Jade Yates, who saw the weirdness on her baby monitor and did what any self-respecting possible victim of a ghostly encounter that is haunting her baby would do – she posted it online.

“What I see is a baby older than Ruby, as it’s able to sit up/stand up, and an adult attending to this baby/Ruby,” Yates said. “I can see on some angles an ear, eyes and an arm..”

According to Yates, her daughter Ruby was sleeping peacefully with the door closed. Yates went on to claim that her baby wakes every hour or so at night, possibly because she is being visited by spirits! Or because, ya know, she’s a baby. Babies do that.

On the plus side, Yates thinks that if it is a ghost, it is the ghost of a child. That’s kind of horrible, but she thinks it means the ghost intends no harm.

Of course, there are plenty of theories about what this could actually be, from people certified as experts courtesy of YouTube.

The most plausible theory is that the monitor is picking up interference from another nearby baby monitor. That would make the ghost just another baby, very much alive, just casting a ghostly shadow.

There is, of course, no evidence that this kind of interference is even possible, and it would require an oddly specific series of circumstances. To begin with, it would require two families to be physically close to each other, both owning crappy baby monitors, and both having their babies moving in roughly the same space. It’s plausible, it just seems like a “well this is what could possibly have happened.”

So anyway, check it out below and decide for yourself.



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