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The Michigan Meteor that Exploded in the Atmosphere (and Into Our Hearts)

The Michigan Meteor that Exploded in the Atmosphere (and Into Our Hearts)

Last week, the internet went mad when a Michigan meteor streaked above the state, breaking up and leaving recently discovered traces on the ground.

Last week on January 16, citizens of Michigan were treated to a pants dampening display of fire and light, as a meteor streaked through the atmosphere above the southeastern corner of the state. Thankfully and unsurprisingly, there were a lot of people recording random things at the time so we can all join in the Michiganders joy and terror.

The Michigan meteor flared at around 8:10 p.m. CST, and when hit the ground – which then technically made it a meteorite – it registered a 2.0 magnitude seismic event. Some of the best footage came from people driving on local highways with dashcam cameras set up. Fortunately for society but unfortunately for meteor taping, Americans haven’t quite reached the paranoid levels of Russians yet when it comes to dashcams, but there were still plenty of good shots.

Check out a few below and keep reading for the aftermath.

Not long after the meteor became a meteorite and people were more or less convinced that it wasn’t the end of days, locals began to hunt down fragments, almost certainly to see if they would gain some form of superpowers from it (that’s what we’d do). No metahumans have revealed themselves (yet), but several fragments have been recovered, as have several fragments of terrestrials rocks that people think are “like, super weird looking so they must have come from space” (not an actual quote).

The meteorite fragments have been identified as being ordinary chrondrites, the most common form of meteorite found on Earth. Still, samples have been sent to specialists to confirm.

It’s not really possible to predict when small meteors like the one that broke up over Michigan will hit the Earth, so the excitement is understandable. It’s actually become something of a game for the Michigan residents, enough so that local news agencies are running reports on how to identify actual pieces of the meteorite, and not just grab a lump of quartz and call it a space miracle.

If you are in the area and you are on the hunt, check out the video below on how to make sure you have found an actual sliver of the meteorite, and not, ya know, petrified dog poop or whatever.



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