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Wonder Woman loses its director over “creative differences”

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The Wonder Woman movie is moving ahead, with filming set to begin in fall, but it will need to find a new director first. According to The Hollywood Reporter, director Michelle MacLaren (Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones) has left the project.

“Given creative differences, Warner Bros. and Michelle MacLaren have decided not to move forward with plans to develop and direct Wonder Woman together,” Warner Bros. said in a press release.

MacLaren was hired in November to direct the film starring Gal Gadot. Wonder Woman will continue to expand DC’s shared cinematic universe, building off the character’s introduction in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It is scheduled to be the third DC-based film on the way, after Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, and the fourth overall including Man of Steel.

Wonder Woman is currently set for 2017, and will appear before Justice League.

MacLaren isn’t a household name, but she will be tough to replace. Her credits are generally on the TV side, but they are impressive TV credits at that. She recently directed two episodes of Better Call Saul, four episodes of Game of Thrones, and won a handful of awards for her work as a producer and director on Breaking Bad. Finding someone that is as affordable and talented as MacLaren won’t be easy.

Although WB never gave a specific release date other than 2017, given that MacLaren and WB have been working together on the film for months now, that may cause a delay – which might be problematic given the connected nature of the upcoming films and their set schedule. The 10 upcoming connected films were unveiled to investors, after all, so it’s going to be tricky move them around if it comes to that.



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