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Lionel Messi goes on a Japanese game show, proves he isn’t human

Messi on Japanese game show

Argentinean star and freak of nature Lionel Messi was challenged to do the impossible. This video of Messi on Japanese game show proves he is up to it.

There is something like a 40-percent chance that Argentinean soccer superstar Lionel Messi isn’t human – and that may be a conservative estimate.

If you follow the “Beautiful Game,” you probably know all about Messi at this point. The star is a captain for one of the biggest sporting organizations in the world, FC Barcelona, he led the Argentina national team to the World Cup finals in 2014, and he has been named the best player in the world multiple times.

He’s also the all-time lead goal scorer in both the prestigious La Liga, as well as the UEFA Champion League. And he can now add the scourge of Japanese game shows to that list.

Japanese game shows are, well, weird. They tend to set up challenges in a way that doesn’t allow anyone to actually complete them. It’s more about how you fail rather than if you succeed, and a recent show challenged Messi to try out a stunt that appears to be designed for him to fail.

The clip was uncovered by SB Nation, and the context isn’t clear. Perhaps the show’s producers discovered that Messi was actually grown in a lab and threatened to reveal it unless he came on the show and completed a challenge. Given the shocked look on the Japanese guy watching though, that seems unlikely.

The challenge is for Messi to juggle the ball without letting it touch the ground, then kick it 18 meters in the air over a raised bar, and then continue dribbling after it comes back down. The height is the equivalent of a four-story house; that not only required him to kick the ball with power and precision, but also stop the ball’s momentum. He basically just decided physics weren’t his thing.

Messi doesn’t just pull it off, he does it twice. After you watch the video below, watch it again and check out the expressions on the faces of the Japanese viewers. A few of them look like Messi just summoned a ghost and punched it in the gut.

If the selection for this year’s Ballon d’Or comes down to a tie, the voters should consider “Japanese game show” as a tiebreaker. Check it out.



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