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Netflix may go from five Marvel TV shows to nine

Netflix may go from five Marvel TV shows to nine

A new report from the website, which is being backed up by the sometimes reliable Latino Review, claims that Marvel and Netflix are considering bringing three more Marvel characters to the small screen to go along with the five it currently has on air or in development. If true, the new shows will focus on Blade,  Ghost Rider, and Moon Knight

For now, take this report with a grain of salt. It not only makes sense though, it builds on a few other rumors that have been floating around for a while now. Again though, salt, grain.

If true, that would bring the total number of live-action Netflix TV shows based on Marvel characters to nine. Netflix doesn’t release its viewership numbers, but by all accounts Daredevil and Jessica Jones are massive hits. An estimated 10-percent of all Netflix subscribers watched at least the first episode of Daredevil, and regardless of viewership Jessica Jones earned a lot of favorable buzz. Plus, the upcoming Luke Cage and Iron Fist are among the most anticipated shows on Netflix’s upcoming roster, and The Defenders is as close to a sure thing as a TV show that is at least a year or more away can get.

The second season of Daredevil was even popular enough to launch a spinoff of its own in the recently announced Punisher series, bringing the total number of Marvel shows on Netflix to six and counting.

If you read this site, then you probably know we obsess a bit when it comes to TV shows based on comics – as evidenced by the 12,000+ word article that continues to grow. We also receive tips now and then, and we’ve heard completely unsubstantiated – but logical – hints of both a Blade and Moon Knight series in the works. The Ghost Rider rumor is new, but Marvel was able to take back the rights from Sony in 2013.

Blade already has a trilogy of movies and a failed TV show in its past, while Ghost Rider has two films starring Nicholas Cage. If this is all true and Netflix wasn’t to develop shows around them, it would almost certainly be a reboot for the two characters that were previously seen on screens. It would also introduce a strange, bizarre new supernatural aspect to the shared Marvel universe – or at least the shared Marvel/Netflix universe. Despite Marvel’s frequent claims that all the Marvel properties are all part of one big, shared universe, TV included, there’s isn’t a lot of evidence of that. There are a few

Despite Marvel’s frequent claims that all the live-action Marvel properties (TV included) are all part of one big, happy, shared universe, there’s isn’t really a lot of evidence of that. There are throwaway lines there and there in the TV shows, but in some cases it is outright problematic for the stories that there isn’t more connection.

Take the recent storyline in Agents of SHIELD. Granted, that’s an ABC show, but if anything it has closer ties to the MCU films than the Netflix shows. In the recent season, the Agents are facing a major, global, extinction level threat. The problem is that the threat absolutely merits a call to the Avengers, who could theoretically handle the enemy in minutes. Sure, it wouldn’t make as good TV, but it is the most logical thing to do in a shared universe featuring characters like Vision and Iron Man, but it never even comes up as a possibility.

But if Netflix does claim kinship with the MCU, Doctor Strange could help usher in both Blade and Ghost Rider. That film will prepare audiences for a supernatural aspect in Marvel properties, which could bleed through to Netflix’s shared universe. And even if the two universes aren’t connected, the Netflix universe is big enough to accept the slightly weirder shows.

So again, grain of salt, but if it happens, the Blade show would likely reboot the character and have the daywalker hunting vampires in New York. Ghost Rider could go several ways, but it would probably include a guy with a curse fighting demonic enemies, but of the three, Moon Knight would be the most straightforward.

Moon Knight is a well-trained guy with a fortune he spends on gadgets. He’s basically Marvel’s Batman, just much less popular. He would fit well with the other, grittier Netflix characters like Daredevil.

There’s also one other potential complication, although maybe it’s a minor one. The divide between the Marvel movie and the TV divisions is big, and it is growing – as evidenced by the cancellation of the Inhumans movie, which was a pet project of Ike Perlmutter, Marvel’s guy in charge of the TV properties. It’s also clear that Marvel Studios gets preference in most things, so if the movie guys decide to use any of these characters, that may be the end of it.

One thing in favor of this rumor being true is that all eight headlining characters – the four confirmed, Punisher, and these three new bloods – are all related in the comics. They have all been connected to the Marvel Knights titles, a comic line that seems to have a huge influence on the Netflix shows. In fact, it’s always possible that Netflix may develop one new show instead of three, and feature multiple characters like Ghost Rider and Blade.

If this is all true, don’t expect to hear anything too soon. Netflix reluctantly confirmed Punisher only after months of rumors, and that was only after the character was already introduced in Daredevil and the Jon Bernthal needed to commit. The platform/network is also already committed to making Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Defenders, a second season of Jessica Jones, and now Punisher. It could absolutely add three more shows, but it’s probably in no rush.



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