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Marvel presents Guardian Inferno, by the Icelandic Clitorises Ft. David Hasselhoff

Marvel presents Guardian Inferno, by the Icelandic Clitorises Ft. David Hasselhoff

Marvel has released Guardians Inferno, the short disco-themed video that appeared during the credits of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

To date, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is one of the funniest movies Marvel Studio’s has released. It was also, arguably, the weirdest Marvel film. Doctor Strange had some mind-bending moments, but that movie didn’t have David Hasselhoff and a disco remix of the theme.

Partly to announce the August 22 release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 on home media, and partly because why not, Marvel just released the “Guardians Inferno” video, which initially appeared during the film’s credits. But while it was a fun addition to the movie, it went by so quickly that it was hard to really catch all the details. Now you have that chance.

The clip is both hilarious and weird. David Hasselhoff is the star, but the cast of the film makes several appearances, even if a few of them are almost unrecognizable.

The tune is a disco remix of Tyler Bates’ Guardians theme. It was filmed by David Yarovesky, a director in his own right and an actor that appear as a ravager in the first film and has, apparently, since been promoted to director of funky disco videos.

The name of the band credited for performing the song – “The Sneepers Ft. David Hasselhoff” – is itself something of an Easter egg. The Sneepers are an alien race featured in the Guardians comics, hailing from the planet Sneep. They’ve been around for decades, but always as minor players. Guardians director James Gunn initially planned to use them in Vol 2., but he was informed by Marvel’s legal department that he would need to change their name.

Apparently, Sneeper is a word for clitoris in Icelandic.

Gunn joked about this online and it became a thing, as stories like this often due, and the Marvel legal department went back to Gunn and said it was probably fine. And so behold, the Icelandic clitorises featuring David Hasselhoff.

You’d think that a line like that would be unusual, one of those “who would have ever thought…” lines, but the Hoff has had a weird career.

Anyway, check it out below and look for the film on home media on August 22.



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