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Man riding drone channels Green Goblin at soccer match, showing off the future

Man riding drone channels Green Goblin at soccer match, showing off the future

Although Sam Raimi’s 2002 Spider-Man has since been rebooted (and rebooted again), it will likely stick in the public consciousness for years to come thanks in part to a single feature that was initially done with special effects but may soon be recreated with legit technology.

During a soccer match in Portugal, the game ball was delivered by a man riding a drone. Naturally, it immediately drew comparisons to the Green Goblin from Raimi’s Spider-Man, who flew around New York on a glider blowing things up for funsies. The movie’s tech is pure fiction, but the real drone does share a few similarities with it.

The drone in the video below is a propeller-powered Omni hoverboard, which can cover a fair amount of distance in the air. The downside is that it can’t stay aloft for long before the batteries drain. That’s a temporary limitation though. As batteries continue to improve, so too will the ability of drones and small flying devices that can actually carry people. The drone is also remote controlled by someone else – hence it being called a “drone” – but that too will likely change.

Given that the tech is at least proven to work, it suggests that within a few years we may see people flying to work on boards of their own. They may control the board through movement or a hand control, but either way it will be very cool. Just be sure to wear a parachute in case things break down.

The game featured below was the Portugal Cup final. The guy riding the drone was just a flashy way to kick things off (no pun intended,) but the drone technology is already in use at other soccer matches. Smaller drones with cameras record the action and allow for the possibility of a replay. During the finals match, two possible handball incidents were reviewed thanks to drone footage.

Check out the clip of the guy riding the drone below.



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