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Man jumps 200 feet into a tiny, terrifying pool of water on purpose

Daredevil Laso Schaller just took his life into his own hands, after the man jumps 200 feet into a tiny pool of water surrounded by rocks.

Nope. Nope. Nope.

I have never made secret my dislike of heights. I hate them. Heights are stupid. And this guy isn’t helping.

Daredevil and all around psycho Laso Schaller decided to try cliff jumping – not diving mind you, because he is way too high up to dive without breaking his skeleton.

It’s also not really a cliff. It’s more like a tiny rock ledge amidst other, terrifying tiny rock ledges. So basically, no human has any business being where Schaller is, nor should anyone jump into the tiny hole filled with a bit of water that he hits.

Schaller’s jump was sponsored by Red Bull, which seems absolutely determined to capture someone’s death on camera. No luck so far, but maybe one day.

It isn’t the height of the jump that’s so crazy, it’s the size of the pool he jumps into. From the ground it would probably look like a small, but decent sized pool if you want to get a little wet. From 200 feet though, it’s a speck.

During his fall, Schaller hit 76 mph. The jump looks crazy enough from a distance, but check out his POV using a GoPro. It looks like he misses the rocks by a few feet at most.

Special props to the crowd that assembled to watch Schaller potentially kill himself.

Check it out below.



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