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Man claims to have found a werewolf skull buried in a chained box

werewolf skull

A Macedonian farmer claims to have unearthed a sealed box containing the skull of a werewolf, according to Mysterious Universe. The box was said to have been buried deep in a remote field, and locked with metal chains.

According to a story told to a Bulgarian student researching the Balkan Wars, the box was discovered in the small Macedonian village of Novo Selo by Trayche Novo Selo Stipsko, a local farmer. Stipsko claims he discovered the box while digging up a new, previously untilled piece of land. His plow hit the box and Stipsko then dug it up.

werewolf-bulgariaThe box was said to be sealed and covered in chains. Stipsko broke it open and discovered an odd shaped skull that appeared to be partly human, partly wolf. The lid contains the words “внимание опасност върколак.” A quick Google translation from Russian to English states that the words say “Warning Danger Vrkolak.” A second translation from Bulgarian to English shows that “Vrkolak” translates to “Werewolf.”

Of course, there are several possibilities for this skull. The most obvious, of course, being that THIS IS THE SKULL OF A LYCAN!

The are is thick with werewolf lore that goes back centuries. Stories of men transforming into wolves and back again are common in the folklore of the region, and some myths even claim that vampires are born when a werewolf dies and rises from the grave. That folklore may help to explain why the head was locked away in a box.

Another possibility is that Stipko is pulling a scam. That would actually be harder than it sounds though. Stipko is said to be a fairly straightforward farmer, and if the skull is fake, it would require a remarkable amount of highly technical work.

Another possibility, and perhaps the most obvious, is that the skull is natural, but was an animal that suffered from a mutation or rare disease. Mysterious Universe cites a theory from a Bulgarian wildlife expert who thinks the skull may belong to a wolf that was suffering from Paget’s disease, a genetic disorder that causes misshapen and enlarged skulls, and has been known to affect wolves and dogs. The expert was only shown pictures though, as Stipko was unwilling to part with his prize. It could also be a rare animal that died out centuries ago.

Or maybe Team Edward finally had enough of Team Jacob’s shit.

The next step is a DNA test for the wee timorous beastie. No word on when that might happen though.



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  1. Magnus Chase March 20, 2018 at 12:21 pm

    Has there been word of the DNA test? I’m honestly curious.


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