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Making Captain America’s electromagnetic shield for fun

Making Captain America’s electromagnetic shield for fun

Have you ever wanted to make your own Captain America shield? Of course you have, and if not, you are on the wrong site. We are all about making a real-life Captain America’s shield. Absolutely. All we are missing is vibranium. And, ya know, the technical skill.

A guy known as the Hacksmith, however, has those skills, so thankfully he took it upon himself to do what we can only dream of (or alternatively pay people a lot of money for). Of course, he isn’t the first person to make a shield inspired by Cap, but this guy goes way beyond what the others have done so far.

Rather than just making a shield – something that isn’t exactly easy to do, but many people could figure out – the Hacksmith focuses on the other thing that makes Cap’s shield so damn cool: the ability to make it return to the thrower.

In the Marvel films, Cap is magic with his shield. There’s no logical explanation for how he is able to throw it off multiple targets and have it ricochet back to him while striking multiple people. It’s not rubber, and don’t say it’s just good geometry. Plus, if you throw a metal disc hard enough to bounce off a wall and it then hits a bad guy in their face, the force of the impact would leave that guy a horror show. I know Hydra is bad and all, but it doesn’t really seem like a Captain America-ish thing to leave dozens of people without faces or missing limbs. Maybe that’s in the deleted scenes.

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Cap’s shield took another step toward awesome when the filmmakers casually introduced two tiny pads to Cap’s gauntlet, which acted like electro magnets. With these new pads, Cap is able to “command” the shield to attach to his arm. It likely explains why the shield attaches to his back too.

Below you’ll find two videos; the first shows how the electromagnets were created and how they work. The second shows the shield and magnets in action. The magnets are crazy strong, strong enough to attach to a metal most and hold the guy’s weight. Easily. That means as long as the shield holds together, it is a formidable weapon.

The Hacksmith has several videos showing how to make real-life versions of some of the cooler things you see in movies. Check it out and subscribe to his channel.

How to make the magnets

Captain America’s electromagnetic shield in action



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