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Marvel narrowing in on its Jessica Jones and Luke Cage

Luke Cage and Jessica Jones actors

Marvel and Netflix have five new shows on the way, and casting is currently underway for the second and third. According to Deadline, Marvel Studios is looking at four actors to take on the starring role in Jessica Jones, and at least two for the lead in Luke Cage.

Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario

The first show of the five is Daredevil, which is currently filming, with a release planned for 2015. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage would be next (in that order), followed by Iron Fist. The four characters would then combine in the mini-series, The Defenders. No date has been given on any of the shows other than Daredevil.


Jessica De Gouw

According to the report, Marvel is currently looking at four specific actors for the role of Jessica Jones, but more may be added to that list. Filming should begin relatively soon on the show, with Dexter and Red Widow’s Melissa Rosenberg attached as showrunner.


Teresa Palmer

The choices for Jessica Jones include: Alexandra Daddario (True Detective, the Percey Jackson films), Jessica De Gouw (Dracula, Arrow), Teresa Palmer (Warm Bodies, Take Me Home Tonight), and Krysten Ritter (Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23, Breaking Bad). Even if none are cast, Marvel clearly has a type it is looking for.


Krysten Ritter

The character of Jessica Jones began as a superhero, but she eventually found success as a detective and even a part time journalist. It’s unclear how Marvel will portray her though.

As for the title role of Luke Cage, although no showrunner has yet to be attached, two actors appear to be in the mix: Mike Colter (Halo: Nightfall, Ringer) and Lance Gross (Crisis, Tyler Perry’s House of Payne).

Luke Cage began his comic life as a “Hero for Hire,” alongside Iron Fist. In recent years though, he has taken on a bigger role in the comics, and even spent time as leader of one of the Avengers teams that sprang up after Civil War.

Mike Colter

Mike Colter

In the comics, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones are a couple, and have a daughter together. Marvel hasn’t gone into detail on the shows, but the characters will at least meet in The Defenders,¬†if not sooner.


Lance Gross

Marvel seems to be content to take its time with the properties coming to Netflix. One of the advantages of bringing the shows to the subscription service is that there are no hard dates that need to be adhered to. The shows can be released whenever they are ready, rather than stick to a Fall or mid-season release. The potential list of stars may grow until Marvel feels like it has gotten it right.



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