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Looking for a Stranger Things recap? Try this video game-itized clip

Looking for a Stranger Things recap? Try this video game-itized clip

Netflix and the team behind the show release a Stranger Things recap done in the style of an 8-bit video game.

With Stranger Things 2 having just debuted on Netflix, you may need a quick refresher to get you back up to speed on what happened in the first season – to be fair, Netflix and the showrunners are not considering the second season a “second season,” but rather a sequel (hence the name Stranger Things 2 an not Stranger Things season 2). But let’s not get bogged down with semantics.

The clip below actually came out in August, but it seems a little more relevant today than it did back then. The clip gives us a brief (very brief) recap of season one… sorry, the content that came before Stranger Thing 2, and it does it in the style of an 8-bit game complete with MIDI music and awkward conversation bubbles.

It even includes the sad decision of a character that somehow became a fan favorite despite not really doing much but dying, and a huge high-score moment when Eleven has had enough of the government’s shit.

If you haven’t seen Stranger Things, this is not the video to jump in on. It uses real footage from the show, which means it is basically one big, delightful spoiler with a video game overlay. Check it out, but don’t say you weren’t warned, then look for Stranger Things 2 on Netflix right now, immediately followed by several posts about whoever becomes this season’s fan favorite red-shirt.



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