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The live action Doom trailer shows that you are the scariest thing around

The live action Doom trailer shows that you are the scariest thing around

The long, long, long, long awaited Doom is mere weeks away, so it’s time for Bethesda and id Software to start beating the drums and making sure you know exactly why you should be excited.

The game has been in development in one form or another for years. Years and years. It underwent a complete overhaul at one point, and survived a few tumultuous years at developer id Software. And now it’s almost here.

The game will feature a single-player campaign that is said to last more than 13 hours. It will once again put you in the bloody boats of a futuristic marine on Mars, and task you with obliterating anything standing in your way – even if that means a side trip to Hell.

Doom is also very much designed in a way that encourages you to keep moving forward. You’ll need to advance and destroy to regain health and ammo, so hiding behind boxes won’t cut it. That’s somewhat reflected in the live action trailer seen below.

It also kind of shows what made previous Doom titles so great. It wasn’t a game about tactics – in Doom, you are the baddest mofo around, and the demons should be afraid of you.

Doom will also offer a huge multiplayer, which seems to harken back to the glory days of Unreal Tournament, when controlled chaos was a winning strategy.

Anyway, check out the trailer below, and look for Doom on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on May 13.



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