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Check out David Letterman’s last ever, star-studded Top 10 list

Letterman's final top 10

After spending 33 years on the air as a late night talk show host, David Letterman said a final goodbye last night. And he went out big.

The 68-year old comedian first announced his intention to retire on April 3, 2014, signaling the end of an era. Letterman’s announcement came shortly after his longtime rival, Jay Leno, hosted his final episode of The Tonight Show. For years, the two were rivals, vying for control of the late night talk show market, a rivalry that may have ironically created even more competition, as other networks and hosts saw that there was enough of an audience to merit another competitor.

Leno was replaced by Jimmy Fallon, while Letterman’s replacement will be Stephen Colbert, who is set to premiere as the new Late Show host on September 8, 2015. With Letterman’s departure, the old guard of late night talk shows will officially have disappeared. The longest running talk show host will be Conan O’Brian, who will be in competition with Fallon, Colbert, and newcomer James Corden – who hosts the Late Late Show that airs after Letterman.

In yet another late night shakeup, The Daily Show will change hosts later this year, when Jon Stewart hands over the reigns to Trevor Noah.

It’s a new market, filled with new hosts. Last night audiences said goodbye not only to Letterman himself, but everything he represented.

To mark the occasion, the final show ran nearly 20 minutes longer than usual, and it was filled with guest stars. One of Letterman’s longest running and best known segments, his Top 10 list, also went out with a bang.

For Letterman’s final top 10 list (Colbert may or may not be able or willing to bring it back), 10 celebrities came out to say something they’ve always wanted to say to the host.

Check it out below.



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