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Real life archery is so much cooler than Hollywood’s

lars andersen archery

The archery of Lars Andersen puts Hollywood to shame, as the archer shows us where and how the movies frequently get it wrong. Then how to do it right.

So it turns out that everything you’ve learned about archery from Hollywood is a lie.

From the way movie archers hold their bows to the way they position their quivers, there is a better way to do it. Just check out the video below from archer Lars Andersen, who not only shows how it should be done, he then does it better.

To begin with, if you look at most Hollywood archers these days, they position the arrow on the left side of the bow. It looks a bit cooler on screen to have the arrowhead in a direct line from the on-screen archer’s eye, but it is sloppy and ineffective in real life – especially if speed is an issue, as it almost always is in films.

From Legolas to Hawkeye to Katniss Everdeen, Hollywood archers fire off multiple arrows in rapid succession. As Andersen shows though, there is a better way to do it. In the video, he even rips off three arrows in 0.6 seconds, just to show that he can.

The common quiver positioning in films is also a lie. Putting arrows on your back, forcing the archer to reach up and behind them, is not just inefficient, it is historically inaccurate. A better way is to have arrows in a quiver positioned on your hip to the side of your dominant hand.

Or, you can just be a bad ass like Andersen and hold multiple arrows in the same hand. This is also historically accurate, and Andersen shows how to quickly fire off multiple arrows in succession without moving his hand much beyond the bow.

Andersen spends the first couple of minutes showing where Hollywood gets it wrong, but to be fair, he isn’t just a guy that occasionally engages in archery. It’s not like changing your habits to mimic Andersen’s will magically make you better. He is one of the best in the world.

Forget splitting an arrow in two after it hits a bullseye, like in the Robin Hood legend. Andersen shoots the damn arrow in the air and splits it in two. It’s almost inhuman.

Check it out below, and if there the long-rumored Hunger Games prequels do happen, tributes better pray they don’t have to face someone like Andersen.



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