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Do you even save, bro?

Korean Jesus statue

A South Korean Jesus statue shows the son of God as a swollen weightlifter, apparently. It is both odd and funny all at once. 

This isn’t really the type of stuff we cover here at DBP, but there’s an image floating around of a Korean Jesus statue, where the son of God is swolled up. It’s just too odd not to discuss. Plus, with a savior like that, we should all be afraid not to be saved.

The image appeared on Korean Jesus statueReddit as if by magic. The poster was asking where the pic was taken, and the always reliable crowd offered up Yeongcheon, Gyeosangbukdo, South Korea, a city of 2.5 million with a significant Christian population. There’s even a map if you happen to be in South Korea and want to get your prayer on, bro.

Of course, that doesn’t explain the actual statue. It looks like Jesus by way of Crom. Did Pontius Pilate put Jesus on the wheel of pain for five years before crucifying him? And would a crucifixion against this Jesus even work? He looks like he is just biding his time, waiting to break free and come forcibly spread the word of God with prejudice on his way to the Heavenly choppa.

It’s his face that really makes it weird. Sure his body looks like Jesus is juicing and hitting Crossfit, but the expression on the statute is ambiguous. Is he annoyed? Is he chewing on something?

Maybe the statue is deeper than we think. Maybe it isn’t just meant as a superficial reflection of the “our god is bigger than your god” argument. Maybe instead, it is meant as a metaphor. No matter how strong you are in life, Jesus is stronger. Or maybe the crucifixion highlights the futility of focusing on Earthly concerns like lats and abs.

Holy shit, you guys. That statue is deep.

Anyway, now back to your regularly scheduled tech and entertainment news with a side of weird.



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