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Apparently, it’s frowned upon to kick a guy in the dick in MMA

Watch an MMA figther kick a guy in the dick

During an Asian MMA bout, fans watched a fighter named Wu Ze kick a guy in the dick using a fairly impressive, but very illegal spinning dropkick.

If you don’t actively follow MMA, it’s easy to get a little confused by some of the rules. Matches can be brutal and vicious, but there are guidelines that fighters are expected to conduct themselves by. For example, it’s fine to punch someone while they are on the ground, but it’s frowned upon to kick a guy in the dick, even if the delivery is impressive.

Now, I don’t follow Asian MMA that much, but I assume they have more or less the same rules as the UFC. There may be a few specific differences, but I have to imagine things like doing a spinning dropkick to the balls is politely discouraged in either region.

To be fair, fighter Wu Ze’s move was fairly spectacular, and it didn’t seem like an intentional low blow. Reckless maybe, but not intentional. A few inches in another direction and the totally illegal move would have probably been a spectacular KO. If, ya know, he hadn’t squarely come down on his opponent’s junk.

Wu Ze’s attempted FATALITY! earned him a disqualification, while it earned his opponent a lifetime of wearing cups out of paranoia. There’s a moment after the kick where the downed, wincing foe accusingly points a finger at Wu Ze, sporting a look that basically says “You unimaginable bastard.”

Wu Ze for his part, just kinda shrugs, apparently unaware what the big deal was. Maybe guys get drop kicked in the dick all the time where he comes from.

Check out the video below, courtesy of the freaks at 105.9 The Brew.

Originally posted: April 15, 2016



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