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Kelly Slater pulls off ridiculous 540 on a surf board, gravity shrugs, gives up

Kelly Slater 540

Professional surfer Kelly Slater has assembled a list of career highlights that easily place him among the list of the world’s most elite athletes in their field. Slater, now 42 and one of the most incredible athletes on the planet, may have taken a step back from competitive surfing, but he is still actively blowing people’s minds.

If you need proof, just check out the video below where he pulls off an insane 540. On a surfboard.

After Slater pulled it off, gravity just kind of shrugged and gave up. Not only has this never been done before, no one else has even come close to it.

Slater is a dominant force in surfing, so much so that his accomplishments are somewhat overlooked. He has won the surfing world championship an insane 11 times, and won 68 major victories. If he posted those kind of numbers in any other sport, he would be considered a god.

For now though, check out the Kelly Slater 540 and bow down to the king of surfing.




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